.Prema vahini

Prema Vahini and her band from Croatia will surely rock the stage at the Awakening Lvoe Festival 2024 in Interlaken. The Balkan feel of the Kirtans takes you on a love journey with the divine.


Prema Vahini on youtube

.Shankari dasi

Shankari Dasi is a world famous Kirtan singer from Russia. Her soft and powerful voice will touch you deeply in the heart. Let yourself be carried away into another world....



Shankari Dasi on youtube


Gadadhar and his band from Germany are part of the Awakening Love Festival since the first edition. Their rocking versions of kirtans bring joy to your heart and let yourself dance along.


Gadadhar on youtube


Madhushri is a young kirtan singer from Germany. Her special voice and her fresh and dynamic kirtans will let you dance along. She says about herself that she is happiest when she is singing.


Madhushri on youtube


Chandrika, therapist, yogi and singer from Bern, creates deep moments of healing and peace with her special, empathetic voice. She will end the day with calm sounds. Let her voice carry you and immerse yourself in your heart.

.Vaneshwari & Mikael

Vaneshwari & Mikael live at Lake Brienz in Switzerland. The duo travels the world to sing for world peace. They sing classical kirtans and also songs from different other religions.



Vaneshwari & Mikael on youtube


.piano healing

by Cristiano Tiozzo

Cristiano Tiozzo has collaborated and collaborates with hospitals, clinics, doctors and therapists of all traditions and his unique approach to inner healing through music has allowed many people to be completely healed from many conditions. 

But try it out and immerse yourself into this amazing experience personally on the festival. 

.vedic ceremonies

fire ceremony and puja

The Hindu tradition says: “If you believe that a stone is a stone, it will be a stone. But if you believe that he is God, he becomes God.” Devoted service carried out with full faith brings about the presence of God in a statue. Through a worship ritual called puja , we can experience the sweetness of caring for the divine.


During the festival you can take part in a fire ceremony or have your very personal puja. 

.kids program

lot of activities for kids

Kids are more than welcome at the Awakening Love Festival. Up to 18 years they can enter for free. The elder ones join us for a reduced fee. We will have a great program for your little ones: singing and dancing, Children's face painting, meditation, a clown.....

We ensure that your kids will have great fun!

.OM Chanting

group meditation

OM Chanting is a group practice that uses the transformational power of OM to activate the self-healing potential of participants. In addition to the personal benefits we receive, OM Chanting can also be a service to humanity. The vibrational waves created by the OM Chanting practise spreads out in a 2-kilometre radius, creating a harmonious, peaceful environment and a unity between humans and nature. The OM continues to resonate in participants’ bodies after the circle, allowing them to share the good vibrations wherever they go.


with different teachers

Swamini VishwaKishori Ma is the country Swamini of Switzerland. Country Swamis and Swaminis are Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s ‘right hand’. Their life mission is to spread Guruji’s teachings in their respective countries.


During the Awakening Love Festival different Swamis will share with us some of the teachings and wisdom of Paramahamsa Vishwananda during satsangs. So come and let yourself immerse in the divine love.

.bhagavad gita

explore the timeless wisdom

The Bhagavad Gita reveals the truth of real spirituality in just 700 verses. It contains everything you need to know about how to attain Self-knowledge and God-knowledge through bhakti, the path of devotion.

The Bhagavad Gita provides spiritual seekers with a map to the source of divinity Itself. Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s simple yet elegant commentary brings this timeless discourse to life, and shows us how to live its wisdom in our daily lives.


Come and explore the gita on our Bhagavad Gita parcour with one of our teachers.

.shyam tattoo art

spiritual tattoos

Shyam Tattoo Art is always booked on all the festivals where they make tattoos. So come early to the tattoo studio on the Awakening Love Festival - best first thing in the morning - to get your very personal piece of art.  


free hatha yoga class

It is very important to keep your body fit and healthy. That is why we offer you a free hatha yoga session during the Awakening Love Festival with a local Hatha Yoga Teacher. We have mats available, so just come to the yoga + meditation tent and join us.

Subject to change without notice!


The "Awakening Love Open Festival" is smoke and alcohol free.  


If you want to sit in front of the stage during the concerts, please bring your own seat. It's an open air festival - please don't forget to bring your own rain cover!




Awakening Love Festival

Jungfraupark, Interlaken

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