Kirtans and Bhajans are a form of musical devotion. As the singers and the audience interact, the powerful vibration of the Divine Names opens the hearts. From classical Indian sounds to rock beats, everything revolves around love, your love for the Divine. Enjoy the music, sing along, dance along and just be happy!

.aradhakananda & band

The brasilian musician Aradhakananda has devoted his life to the Feet of his Gurudev, Paramahamsa Vishwananda. He is always chanting Hari's Names. He is the leading musician of Bhakti Marga and plays nearly all instruments. It is an amazing experience to enjoy his kirtan.


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.Tarana caitanya

Tarana Caitanya from Croatia is one of the most active and well-known kirtanias in Europe. His kirtans are unique and full of enthusiasm. He has played on many yoga and bhakti festivals around Europe. We are beyond happy to welcome him on this year's Awakening Love Festival in Geneva. 


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.Lalita Dasika

Lalita Dasika is a Latvian musician with a burning passion for spiritual music. She gives mantra concerts and organizes Mantra Singing workshops and meditations in order to spread this form of art with as many people as possible.


We warmly invite you to listen to her bright and uplifting voice.


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.Christophe erard

Christophe Erard, a journey off the beaten track.

The swiss gives concerts in Switzerland, Europe and all over the world. As soon as he touches his instruments, as soon as he allows his astonishing voice to flow out, he transforms himself and becomes all music!


Be surprised what he will offer us during the Awakening Love Festival!


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.alissia milena

Alissia Milena is a musician from Switzerland and since 2015 she has been performing her self-written songs as well as sacred world music, traditional folk songs, prayers and mantras. She has recorded her own album "Over the Land" with different instruments such as Celtic harp, guitar, piano, flute, shaman drum and more. Through her exceptionally clear voice she creates a mystical atmosphere that builds bridges to inner worlds of light.


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Vrinda is a young bhakti kirtan singer from Austria who rocked the Awakening Love Festival already in 2021. With a lot of power in her voice and also very soft tones, she enchants her audience and invites them to sing along. Let yourself be carried away, open your hearts and above all dance along!


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.bhakti sounds switzerland

Bhakti Sounds from Switzerland is a young music group of devotees of Paramahamsa Vishwananda, which has already performed at the last Awakening Love Festivals. It is made up of musicians from all parts of Switzerland and enchants the audience with classical Indian bhajans and kirtans.

.sujatha & Hari Ananta das

Sujatha is an ethnic, spiritual & soul music singer of Polish origin. She will be accompanied by Hari Ananta Das offering some funky electronic sounds on the Awakening Love Festival. The perfect kind of music to let your soul travel.


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Awakening Love Festival

Le Cénacle, Geneva