Kirtans and Bhajans are a form of musical devotion. As the singers and the audience interact, the powerful vibration of the Divine Names opens the hearts. From classical Indian sounds to rock beats, everything revolves around love, your love for the Divine. Enjoy the music, sing along, dance along and just be happy!

.nani heart

Singing from another world - Lucerne-born musician nani heart conquers hearts with her very own genre. Her soulful, delicate and unique voice, accompanied by simple melodies touches the hearts.


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.gadadhar & the gopis

"Gadadhar & the Gopis" from Germany have taken on the task of packing the sweetness and also the fire of Hindu mantras and kirtans into Western pop music, and in doing so, the trained musicians invite you to an unforgettable musical experience. The Gopis want to remind people how touching and enriching devotion and love to God is and how sweet it is to celebrate this relationship in good and bad days.

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Vrinda is a young kirtan singer from Austria. With a lot of power in her voice and also very soft tones, she enchants her audience and invites them to sing along. Let yourself be carried away, open your hearts and above all dance along!


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.Vaneshwari & Mikael

The German-Swedish singing duo from Lake Brienz in Switzerland has been travelling the world for many years, singing in churches, at private events, in ashrams, in temples and wherever possible for world peace. Besides bhajans and kirtans, heart songs from every religion and culture comprise their programme.


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.bhakti sounds CH

Bhakti Sounds from Switzerland is a young music group of devotees of Paramahamsa Vishwananda, which has already performed at the last Awakening Love Festivals. It is made up of musicians from all parts of Switzerland and enchants the audience with classical Indian bhajans and kirtans.

.Mountain Silence

Mountain Silence is a ladies' ensemble specializing in arrangements of Sri Chinmoy's music. The group's clear female voices are accompanied by violin, Chinese erhu, cello, harmonium, glockenspiel and guitar.

The group has performed in some of the most beautiful and well-known churches and monasteries in Europe, as well as around the world. Special highlights include performances for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome, a concert and Mass accompaniment at the Monastery Church of Assisi, and a performance for Mother Teresa in Rome.


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