The Awakening Love Festival takes place in the park of Hünegg Castle. From the main stage directly next to the castle you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Thun, the foothills and high Alps, framed by bushes and high-stemmed trees, which grow luxuriantly in the mild, temperature-equalizing sea climate. Among these trees in the castle park are numerous foreign specimens such as sequoia trees, Lebanon cedars and multi-stem cypresses, which were planted around 1860. 


The park offers enough space for meditation and relaxation. And those who wish can go for a swim directly in front of the castle on the Hünegg-Wiese in Lake Thun.

awakening love im Forellensee Zweisimmen
awakening love im Forellensee Zweisimmen
awakening love im Forellensee Zweisimmen

.How to find us

Schloss Hünegg

Staatsstrasse 52

3652 Hilterfingen


.getting there

Parking is limited and all are subject to a charge! If you can, please use public transport!


There are regular buses from Thun train station till midnight (lines 21 and 25). We ask all those who live/stay in the region to come by bus due to limited parking. Bus stop: Eichbühl or Hilterfingen Post and then a short walk to Schloss Hünegg.


For all those who nevertheless come by car, there is the possibility to purchase a parking ticket for the whole day together with the ticket. The number of tickets is limited. The ticket is not a reservation for a parking space, but only allows parking in the designated areas if these are free. 


Please note that you can only park for 2 hours at the Fleschegut and Gemeindehaus car parks, even with a parking ticket. Parking can be provided throughout the day at the other parking lots.


Parking is available here:

Where to park at the Awakening Love Festival 2019
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